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Welcome to Peeping Tom's Cottage! We take ordinary ceramic tile and craft them into something exceptional. Our original artwork is enhanced with the addtion of 7-10 layers of matte and gloss ink based finishes creating not only a sense of depth but actual texture.
Many of our reviews begin by commenting, "This tile is breathtaking! It is so much better in person..."

Summer Collection

Hello, friends! Tom here from Peeping Tom’s Cottage. Our new summer art collection is paws-itively amazing! We’ve got patriotic dogs and cats (though we all know cats are the best), rustic flower art that’s purr-fectly charming, and delightful summertime farms. These tiles will make your home the cat’s meow. Come explore and brighten up your space!

Why print on tile?

Tiles offer a glossy, often reflective surface that enhances the vibrancy and depth of printed images. The colors appear more luminous, "glowing" and often even "wet" with exceptionally sharp details, making each piece of art stand out in the space it occupies. We offer frames and easels to assist with display. At Peeping Tom's Cottage we strive for heirloom quality!


This approach to home decor is particularly appealing to those who appreciate art and want their living spaces to reflect their unique tastes and personalities. By choosing these artistically designed tiles, customers can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones, filled with charm and personality. They also make exceptional gifts--the kind people remember!

Handmade In House

Crafted in our home -- for display in your home! Nothing is painted, printed or packaged elsewhere--think Mom and Pop shop with an overly helpful cat!

Flawlessly Delivered With Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don't just sell tiles; we deliver fine art. Each piece is examined, packaged with care, ensuring flawless delivery.
If upon arrival our tiles aren't exactly what you were looking for--contact us within 30 days and send them back to receive a full refund.
(This has yet to happen!)

Color Brilliance

Gloss and matte UV finishes amplify visual impact. Long-lasting and fade-resistant for years to come. Just to be on the safe side, we offer a lifetime replacement warranty against any fading or peeling!

See What Our Etsy Store Customers Have To Say:

Meet the Artist

I'm Tad Hartmann, an educator turned artist, and I'm thrilled to share my passion with you through a collection that goes beyond a mere splash of color.

In my 28 years of education, I discovered the power of art and storytelling in motivating learning. What started as a classroom project eventually led to the creation of something extraordinary.

And in case you wondered...I do have an orange and white cat--her name is not Tom but Larry. 🤣😻

Unique Designs for Your Space

While initially showcased as exquisite home decor, our tiles seamlessly transition into functional accents. Picture them transforming your kitchen back splash or adding that special touch to your bathroom. Notably robust, these tiles stand the test of time and can be easily cleaned with a simple soap and water solution, maintaining their splendor for years to come.

Our Furry Friends That Bark

"Well, I must admit, these dog art tiles show some fetching designs. But remember, while dogs have their charm, nothing beats the sophisticated elegance of cat-themed art!" -- Tom, Store Mascot

Blog posts

Readers can expect a rich, multi-dimensional content experience that not only informs and inspires but also entertains and invites participation. Each blog post is crafted to enhance understanding and appreciation of artistic tiles and enrich the approach to home decor in a community that celebrates creativity and charm in everyday spaces.

Explore, Connect, Create

We invite you to explore our collection and discover the art that resonates with your soul.

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