Our magic springs to life on a Southern Illinois farm, home to dairy goats, ducks, geese, chickens, an old horse, and watchful cats—each adding a touch of inspiration to our creations.

Our Story


Welcome to Peeping Tom’s Cottage, a place where decorative tiles transform into miniature canvases, bringing art to life with stories, emotions, and joy. As the creator behind these pieces, I can sincerely share that my art is born from what brings me joy—simple as it may seem.With 28 years in education, teaching at the elementary level, I've always sought to weave my passion for art and storytelling into the learning experience, inspiring motivation and creativity among my students.


This journey led me to the world of e-commerce, where I could extend my canvas beyond the classroom along with my own children trekking to college leading to weighty tuition invoice populating the mailbox. Discovering the capabilities of an industrial-level UV printer was a turning point, allowing me to adhere my artwork onto virtually anything with unmatched vibrancy and quality. This discovery wasn't merely a step towards launching a small business; it was a giant leap towards sharing my passion with others—finding joy not only in creating art that brings me happiness but in delighting others as well!


At Peeping Tom’s Cottage, each tile is a testament to uniqueness, joy, and impeccable craftsmanship. Utilizing advanced UV printing technology, we ensure my original artwork is reproduced with stunning clarity, gloss highlights, and vibrant colors. Our in-house art and printing processes guarantee that every piece carries a bit of our heart and soul.


But what’s a story without a twist? Tom, the namesake of our cottage, isn’t what you might expect. The real muse behind our creations is an orange female cat named LARRY, who oversees the magic from my workspace, offering "help" and inspiration in her own unique way.


I invite you to explore our collection and discover the art that speaks to your soul. If you’re seeking something tailor-made, feel free to reach out. We delight in crafting personal requests, ensuring you find the perfect piece that resonates with you.

Thank you for visiting Peeping Tom’s Cottage, where art meets character, and every tile tells a story. Your support turns our passion into a shared experience, and for that, we are eternally grateful.


With heartfelt creativity,

Tad Hartmann